Eid Al Adha Mubarak!

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Aslaaamualaykum wrwb! Qur’an Week is nearly here – check out our timeline! We have a week full of inspiring talks and exciting events all centred on the book of Allah SWT, so make sure you get involved! May Allah SWT allow us all to be companions of the Qur’an. “This [Qur’an] is enlightenment for mankind and guidance and mercy for a people who are certain [in faith]” [20:20]. See you there!


Discover Islam Week Timeline
Assalamu alaikum! (Peace be upon you!) Discover Islam Week is upon us once again! With a week packed full of events, we aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of students about what the religion of Islam entails as well as various interesting topics associated with Islam. There will also be amazon voucher prizes for the events so watch out for those! Can’t wait to see you all there!


DEW timeline
Discover Emaan Week is upon us once again!! With a week packed full of events, and a different topic each evening, come along to learn and discuss your Emaan! Join us every day via zoom to learn from a variety of speakers to enhance and alleviate your knowledge. 


We have recently added a new tab with various tips about how to take care of yourself during this pandemic during lockdown or post lockdown. Check it out here.


Activity SuspendedWe pray you are all in the best of health and imaan bi’ithnillah!

Following advice from the university and SU, we have decided to suspend all official ISoc activity until further notice. This will include the Friday Jummah prayers and face-to-face events.

As of now, the prayer rooms are still open to public use, but do be sure to check for updates from the university regarding their continued usage.
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We urge everyone to take the necessary precautions to limit the spread of the virus. Being young and healthy (alhamdullilah) we may not be at direct risk of the virus’ effects, but each of us knows those who are elderly, or infants, or those who may be sick. Those are the people who would feel the brunt of its effects – and there may be consequences.

As Muslims, we must always look out for one another, as the hadith of the Prophet ﷺ goes: “None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.” [Bukhari, Muslim]. Make sure to check up on the elderly and more vulnerable in your community, and see how you can lend a hand!

We can appreciate that the past few days have been worrisome amid concerns of what the spread of COVID-19 means for us as students, and for our future. Everything that comes our way, good or bad, is a test from Allah SWT.

Let’s remember to put our trust in Him, and be patient during this taxing time. We know that, at the end of the day, what Allah SWT decrees will come to pass, and He SWT will only ever decree that which is best for us! “…and it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but yo do not know.” [2: 216]

We can also use this newfound time that we have for a lot of good, a major one being the increased remembrance of Allah SWT. For “Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.” [13:28]

Qur’an Week Cancelled

Qur'an Week Cancelled

Covid-19 Part 1

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Welcome to Charity Week 2019!

Welcome to Freshers 2019!ISoc Freshers Poster 2019

Prayer Room Location

The Islamic Society has a rich history at St George’s University. It is a society that tries to be as active as possible to bring about a positive student experience at St George’s. In the past six years, in order to recognise the efforts made and the several successes, the Islamic Society was awarded “Society of the Year” at the Student Union Awards Evening.

At the Islamic Society, we aim to facilitate the needs of those on campus, through events and opportunities which vary in nature! Be it religious events or non religious events, academic or social events, providing general welfare support or facilitating projects of charity work, there is something for everyone to get involved in!

We are a non-partisan society that has no affiliation with any particular group.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at president.sgulisoc@gmail.com (Headbrother) or headsister.sgulisoc@gmail.com (Headsister) if you have any queries.

We look forward to seeing you at our events!

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Congratulations on your A Level Results!

Congratulations on your Results!

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Eid Mubarak!


Make the most out of the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah!

Make sure you come along for your last minute revision!

For the first time at St George’s, we welcome you all to The Ramadan Project!

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Introducing the ALL NEW Qur’an Week!

Join us in the upcoming events during Discover Eman Week!

February Prayer Timetable Released

February Timetable

Come for a free hot drink and Semester 3 revision lectures tomorrow!

January Prayer Timetable Released

January Timetable

Joint Halaqah by Shaykh Yahya Raaby

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Sign-Up to Give Revision Lectures!

It’s this time of the year! ISoc Academics presents to you the opportunity to teach, practice public speaking, and the chance to pass down your revision gems to the first and second years!

We will be holding our annual Semester 1 and Semester 3 revision lectures again this year, so make sure you sign up to this great opportunity!


November Prayer Timetable Released

November Timetable

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Charity Week Events

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