Verses From Surat Al Hadeed

  • Verses comparing the Believers and the people who thought they were believers. This isn’t the same as comparing believers and non-muslims.
  • There are 2 types of people on the day or judgement:

The ones with light surrounding them and the people who are confused as to why no light is coming from them. They see the people with light in the distance and they shout to those people “Give us some of your light” but only to get rejected.

  • They then try to follow them but Allah places a huge barrier between them so now they are separate.
  • So they ask “Were we not with you?” So the Believers reply “yes you were with us but you surrounded yourself in fitnah (in an atmosphere that’s not good for you – meaning they had friends which lead them astray), you procastinated (meaning: the thing was bad for you but you continued to do it – made excuses for not stopping the sin) and then you started to have doubts within you (Shaytaaan comes to you when your vulnerable – “Is the Quran actually from Allah? Is Allah even real?”

The difference between the Believers and the people who thought they believed:

  1. They placed themselves in a bad environment
  2. Rather than changing the surroundings, they stayed in that place and made excuses as to when to make amends
  3. The shaytaaan uses the vulnerability to strike and cause doubts in their hearts causing them to be at a great lose on the day of Judgement. May Allah protect us all.

In order to stay all way from such a destination,  care must be taken.

  1. The environment must be a good one, the people one surrounds themselves with should be on the same understanding and motivation.
  2. If placed in a place unintentionally, amends must be made immediately and forgiveness must be sought; indeed Allah is the all Forgiving, the All Merciful.

Reinstating these things allows a person to be protected from the whispers of the Shaytaaan and the doubts that he instills into the hearts of Men.

May Allah protect us all from fitnah and keep us upon the straight path. Ameen.