2018/9 Events

Who Are We?

We are a society run by students from different courses and years who are trying to create a positive environment in the university as well as the local community. We want ourselves, as well as you to make a valuable difference to those around you.

Our Aim

We aim to support and develop students within university as well as develop a positive attitude towards the community. We also aim to engage within the community to understand the issues faced by people.

Our Inspiration

We aim to embody the principles of peace and generosity in Islam which are derived
from the teachings in the Islamic holy book (Quran) and the way of life lead by the final prophet in Islam, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

What Do We Do?

We will be running fun and inspiring events and activities that will not only benefit those around you but help you develop as a person. These events range from visiting the elderly, talks on how to lead a successful life to fun food events.

Why Do We Do This?

As human beings we should all believe that we have the duty to help others as we are all accountable for each other as much as ourselves.

A famous Hadith by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ states:

“None of you has faith until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”
– Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 13

How Can I Help?

Keep an eye out for the latest events happening and don’t forget to contact us
if you have a questions.

Can Anyone Join?

YES! This is a philanthropist society with the aim to help anyone and everyone no
matter what age, race or religion. The same applies to people getting involved. You can help make a difference by getting involved!

Contact Us!