ISoc Lecture Series

Exam season time! ISoc Academics presents to you the opportunity to teach, practice public speaking, and the chance to pass down your revision gems to the first and second years!

We will be holding our annual Semester 1+3 and Semester 2+4 revision lectures again this year, so watch out for more information once applications open!

Every year ISoc Academics delivers the much awaited revision lecture series open to everyone for free! These lectures and quizzes run throughout the year, covering many important aspects of the course for exams, giving students an opportunity to consolidate their learning in a more interactive way.

OSCE | OSPE | Anatomy

ISOC academics also provide OSCE and OSPE support, including weekly anatomy help sessions for freshers.


Applications to teach are not currently live. It is a great opportunity to help out the younger years and practice your presentation skills – not to mention you will be awarded a certificate at the end! You can apply here.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, ideas, requests or would like to get involved and organise anything, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following addresses: