Stress and Coping at University

It’s three weeks into university… you have ten assignments due, an upcoming exam and your rent is due tomorrow.

What do you do? Stress about it!

Unfortunately it’s very easy to let stress consume you and eventually it will take you hostage!

Before you know it you’re not able to concentrate on your university workload, not able to sleep properly and eventually it will take a toll on your mind and body.

With constantly worrying about the issues of the future and just about trying to get past the issues of the present, how do we cope with it all?

  1. Sleep

Get an early nights sleep.

The first thing stress takes a toll on is your sleep! When it comes to university lifestyle ( especially living in halls ) it’s inevitable that you remain wide awake most of the night and spend the whole day extremely tired.

Set your self a time in which all the electronics are turned off and put away. Make sure that you try to get at least seven hours of sleep.

Following the sunnah of the Prophet Mohamed SAW in sleeping early (after Isha prayer) and waking up early (before fajr) is also recommended in order to have an energetic day.

If you feel like your thoughts are still distracting you, perhaps play some Quran recitation on to help you fall asleep.

  1. A healthy diet 

With a bank card and no parents to hassle you it’s easy to get carried away with the junk food! Remember a healthy mind is in a healthy body. Try to mix up your diet by swapping that crisp packet for a fruit salad. Also dates and nuts are a perfect alternative if you just want something to nibble on whilst revising. The Messenger said: Ajwah dates are from Paradise.” (Al-Tirmidhi)

  1. Do NOT procrastinate 

At university organization and time management is key. Make sure you note everything down and have a time table to make sure everything is done on time. Do not leave your assignments for later dates as once assignments build up, they can become very hard to manage.

  1. Speak to someone about it

Remember that you are not alone! Sometimes all you need is to open up to someone about what’s stressing you out.You can always talk to iSupport about it who may be able to give helpful advice or direct you to those that can and in doing so attempt to relieve you of some of the worry.

  1. It is all part of Allah SWT’s plan

Remembering that Allah has written your destiny is a great way to reminding us to remain positive and patient about life.

In Surah Al-Tawba Allah SWT gives his servants the assurance of His protection. He says: “say: nothing shall ever happen to us except what Allah has ordained for us. He is our Mawla (protector). And in Allah let the believers put their trust”.

Remember stressing out about the situation WILL NOT solve it.

Working hard and having Tawakul (relying) on Allah SWT and making dua to him WILL!

Reading some Qur’an in your free time will certainly help to calm your nerves inshaAllah. Make a lot of dua, work hard and leave the rest to Allah SWT.